Essay on The Life of the Homeless

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The experience that I have had with the homeless people is positive and negative, I have been taught by my parents not to judge people but it is really hard because they give off different looks. Some approach your window with their hands out, not saying I will work for food, cut your yard or anything like that. But then you see those that are wheelchair bound, and I feel like they should be receiving a check why are they out there is all that runs through my mind. The governments are so hard on some people when they lose their jobs, homes, cars, etc. Their total way of life changes so for some they ask for food, beer, money. When I look at some of them I feel that they can get a job; but then you see some wanting to do things such as wash your windshield, car, or pump your gas to earn it instead of just standing around asking for a handout. For Instance, my aunt was going to the store one day and this lady was standing outside the store and my aunt was on her way in. The lady asked my aunt did she have any spare change, she replied no she didn’t have any and she didn’t feel bad about it. A couple of days later at the same store, the lady’s there again but this time she didn’t approach my aunt. My aunt went on in the store and got the items she had gone for a on her way out the store clerk was advising her that she couldn’t take the basket out the store, but my aunt had many items to put in the car the same lady that my aunt had refused spare change a few days prior stated that she would make sure the cart got back in the store when my aunt was done loading her things in the vehicle. My aunt felt that she had to give the lady a dollar and some change and she gave thanks to God for putting certain people in your life. This brought her to the conclusion that everyone needs help every now and then, and that you should never count anyone out just because they are on the streets. You find different people in life that have had bad things happen to them; but just think this could have been you and you were the one standing out asking others for help, and people giving you dirty looks or refusing to look your way at all although your talking to them just because of the point you’re at in your life. You