The Life and Impact of Vladimir Lenin Essay

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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was an impactful political leader in Russia during the twentieth century. He was a famous figure and left a huge impact on the Russian/Soviet Union Empire for many decades to follow. What he may be known for best, Lenin created and brought up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics along with helping with the introduction of communism. He applied that communism concept to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics government that he was running. As the political leader in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics government, he tried his best to carry out the communism plan and make the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics a powerful empire. Vladimir Lenin was ordained at an early age to become a revolutionary leader. …show more content…
Several months later, Lenin and the Bolsheviks overthrew the shared government and proclaimed soviet rule on November 7 (1918: Vladimir Lenin…"). This shows that Lenin was just in the right place at the right time and finally achieved his lifetime goal. Because of World War I, Russia was economically ruined and this affected the government greatly. Proletariats took advantage of the situation and made their revolutionary effort. Lenin then took matters into his own hands, by taking over Russia with help from his group, the Bolsheviks. Lenin and the Bolsheviks had a goal and were striving for one and only one thing. Taking over Russia would be the only thing they would settle for and anything less would be a disappointment.
Lenin ran the Soviet Union for seven strong years before he died of a stroke. The tragic death occurred on the day of January 21, 1924. Essortment writes that in May of 1922, Lenin had the first set of several strokes. He never fully recovered and at last died on January 21, 1924. Lenin had numerous strokes in his last few years. The first few were very minor and he continued to lead the USSR. But the strokes finally caught up to him and one finally killed him. It was a very dark day for many people when he finally died. Lenin made a huge impact on not only Russia, but the whole world. It devastated many people that a man like Lenin would go. He would be remembered as a powerful revolutionary leader forever:
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