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The son of Neptune, is an action/adventure novel, written by well known British author Rick Riordan. The son of Neptune is the second book in the series: Heroes of Olympus. The main potagonist of The son of Neptune is Percy Jackson. Percy is a stocky 16 year old Demigod, with black hair and green eyes. A Demigod is a person who is half god half human. Percy is not a normal Demigod, hes the son of Neptune god of water, allowing him to gain strength, and power to manipulate water when exposed to it. Percy is a very brave, smart humoured and bright spirited person, who will risk life and limb to save his friends, strangers and even enemy's if needed.His attitued often gains trust of people very easily, but Percy is anything but perfect. His short temper unables him to controle his anger, causing him to blurt out things he shouldn't, which often lands him in trouble. Percy's two best friends are Hazel and Frank, who are both Demigods like him. Frank and Hazel first meet Percy when they were guarding the entrence to camp Jupiter, a camp where all Demigods live and train there special abilitys. They first get to know each other properly when the three of them are sent on a quest known as the "Prophecy of Seven". During there quest Frank and Hazel begin to admire each other, but due to Franks lack of self confidence, he is unable to tell her how he feels. The story opens up with Percy Jackson waking from a deep sleep with no memory of his past, apart from the vivid image of a girl called Annabeth, who Percy thinks was special to him before he lost his memory. If that isn't bad enough Percy runs into Camp Jupiter, whilst on the run from two gorgans, who refuse to die. In Camp Jupiter Percy meets Hazel and Frank who become best friends instantly, and are promtly sent on the quest "Prophecy of Seven", where they have to release the god death, who is being held captive by Gaea goddess of Earth, who hates Demigods and plans of destroying them all. If they fail it means the death of every Demigod, and the destruction of the world. The book is written in modern english making it an easy book to read, but frequent perspective change made it confusing at times. To make up for that, the near death situations left you sitting on the edge of your seat eager to read more to see what happens, for example "Hazel turned with a relieved smile. Then she looked over Percy's shoulder, and her expression changed to horror.
Frank was halfway across the the river when the gorgons caught him. They swooped out of the sky and grabbed him by either arm. He screamed in pain as their claws dug into his skin. The senteries yelled, but Percy knew they couldn't get a clear shot. They'd end up killing Frank. The other kids drew swaords and got ready to charge into the water, but they'd be too…