The Liking of Pit Bulls Essay

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Like any others, I have feared dogs since I was a kid and was bitten by one. Now, being an owner of a pit bull I have discovered that dogs aren’t all that bad. Living in Indiana, where pit bulls are banned in six different cities, by many citizens and many housing subjects, it is hard to maintain keeping a pit bull. Talking with neighbors and other dog owners, it is fine to say that everyone does not care for the terrier of pit bulls. Pit bulls are targeted as very aggressive, unpredictable and dangerous menace. These labels are due to the actions of owners, the media and myths that are upheld within the public’s eye of this terrier of dog. Just like any breed of dog they can become vicious and attack at any giving time. An analysis of the of terrier of pit bulls will help people to understand that it is not the dog that is born vicious but its owner whom have neglected and mistreated him into becoming a harmful animal. I am focusing my analysis on two aspects of pit bulls: the initial care pit bulls, and also the training that is offered by the owner.
After obtain research and interviewing neighbors about the terrier breed, I have received the following information: In the 1800’s the Olde English Bulldogs that are similar in looks to pit bulls were used by the British Isles in fights that was called “bull baiting.” Bull baiting was a form of entertainment that involved bulldogs fighting other animals such as other bulldogs, and bears. This form of fighting was classified as illegal and inhumane in 1835.
When I interviewed a few of my neighbors there were a number of different perspectives on the terrier breed. In the interview with my neighbor Janice Minor; Ms. Minor stated," That she has never been a dog friendly person, but disagrees with how some owners train their dogs to become fighters.” In the second interview with Jacob Cane, Jacob states, “That he grew up on a farm and enjoys being a dog owner.” He does not believe that pit bulls are all bad dogs; it all depends on how the dog is raised. Jacob also stated that and I quote “All humans and animals can be vicious at some point, there are just different aspects to what people consider vicious.” When I interviewed Mr. Allen, an older gentleman in the neighborhood, he stated, “That he is does not care for the breed of terrier, Mr. Allen says that pit bulls are just killers and they should be banned from becoming a man’s best friend.”
Looking at the research and information that I have obtained, I was able to make some determinations upon this issue. Many people pre-judge this type of animal by myths and lack of information to understanding the terrier breed. It is clear that the way the pit bull is cared for it reflects upon their behavior. Pit bulls require just as much need as any breed of dog. In despite of the bad rap they get, pit bulls can be very sweet and loyal oriented family dogs. This means by taking the time to offer routine health checkups, exercise, socialization, play time, love and training can improve the behavior of the dog.
Training of the pit bull is very important in maintaining a good behavioral dog. Owners that engage