The Lincoln Goal Is To Hurt The Union

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Chapter 11
Lincoln goal is to hurt the union. Emancipation Proclamation -was first to effort to ensure freedom of black -wanted to hurt south economically -free’s confederacy slaves -dosent matter south succeeded
Black men fight for the union
-Blacks are allowed to enlist b/c w/o those numbers they will lose
-Militia Act 1862 enlist black men
-Black Labor
First South Carolina Volunteers
Black military unit made up of former slaves recruited in South Carolina and Georgia forced to volunteer but never actually served general david hunter
54th Massachusetts Rgeiment
Made up of Literates, freeman, led by whites and led a battle on battery Wagner/ not successful
Lincoln issues law studying General Law II if south dosent abide by war rules then they will
Fort pillow Massacre represents civil war worst attack government black troops and white commanders Nathan Beckman Forest does this. Signifignance: no justice for blacks.
Benjamin Quales writes Negro in Civil War. Historian. Major amount of Intelligence comes from blacks.
Robert Smalls- black slave “SC” board confederate Ship Had ear plans and took the ship to which waters gave them ship name “The Planter”
The Impressment of Black people
Requires slave owners to register provide slaves to work on public projects for confederacy
April 1965 enlist black men BUT war is over.
Chapter 12
*Freedman wants land it associates to economic freedom. -Special Order #15-ordered issued by Union General William T. Sherman January 16, 1865. fREEDMan, head of each family, would receive “possessory title” to 40acres of the 30-mile-wide tract of land long the Atlantic Coast from Charleston, Sc 245 miles to flordia and the use of a army mule. Revoked by president Andrew Johnson.
They also search for family.
-Freedmens Bureau
Also helps whites , was use to ease transition from slavery to freedom.
-not a lot of agencies
-nt $$$; lack of relief.
As a social service program its inconsistent and lack direct funds ended in 1872 largely ueventful Yet benefits is long lasting education, this is they’re legacy, education+freedom/advancement for minorities.
Emancipation Proclamation did not free slaves yet. 13th amendment did.
Black codes laws passed in former confederate states only effects blacks. Restritiction of black rights. It is made so that the south maintained a labor supply so benefits southern whites. They require apprentinships 2-21 years old . there are labor contacts with white man that he/she says will work so much compare to slavery . For example if found lotering would be arrested and put on chain gang ( free labor for state).
Civil Rights Act reappeals black codes then becomes 14th amendment.makes black citzens. ( due process). Radical Republicans “social “ liberal; fill in the blank of white and black rights. Wants to revolutionize . for blacks reconstruction is a very violent time.
Election of ’76
Ruthford B.Hayes steals election (R.) Johnson impeached troops were in south but hayes pulls them out so south can vote for him.
Constitutional conventions
Elections were