The Lindbergh Case Has Touched Many People Around The World Essay

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The Lindbergh case has touched many people around the world. Here is some background Lindbergh is a name that we should all know. Charles A. Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean from New York City to Paris in a nonstop flight. Lindbergh is a college dropout and a barnstorming pilot. That event made him very much famous. His 20 month old son was kidnapped out of the Lindbergh 2 story house. Stolen right out of his crib the crime took place on March 1 1932. The toddler was last seen approximately at 2000 hours by his nurse it was raining that night and as police scanned the premises they found no clues on the ground that would lead to the whereabouts of baby Lindbergh. The only clue that was found was scratches indicating that a ladder was used to access the upstairs open window. The police were notified of the incident approximately at 2230 hours.
In the nursery window sill there was an envelope find will a letter that read: Dear Sir, have 50,000$ ready in 25,000 in 20$ bills 15,000$ in 10$ bills and 10,000$ in 5$ bills. The Lindbergh’s were informed that in 2-4 days that will receive a letter as to where to deliver the money. Within the next two months over 15 notes were delivered to the Lindbergh mansion. Following the signature of every ransom note is two interlocking circles and within the interlocked circles is an oval. The circles were colored blue and the oval red. The notes were written in childish handwriting the symbols were German looking. Within the notes the captors indicated that they have been planning the kidnapping for some time now. Fingerprints were taken from the envelope but with as many people that had handle the envelope by the time police received it and with as many smudge prints none of them were usable. The blankets were still tucked in indicating that the baby was pulled out of the crib by his head. There was yellow soil-clay on a leather children suitcase just beneath the window sill. On the outside of the window sill was chisel gouges were the window was pried open. According to evidence what was even more surprising is that the kidnapper knew where the baby room was located. Indicating that the kidnapper had everything well planned out. The suspects involved in the Lindbergh case where the Lindbergh’s themselves, all of the Lindbergh’s staff, and Bruno Richard Hauptman. The Lindbergh’s were not suspects at first, but there were some questions that needed to be answered. Like, “Why didn’t the family dog raise a ruckus throughout the abduction, something someone might suspect during a home invasion?” According to case files Anne Lindbergh went to bed early with a bad cold Charles Lindbergh was awake in his study directly below the nursery. All Charles Lindbergh can report is he heard a strange noise like something being dropped in the kitchen, and of course there’s the problem of Anne’s older sister Elisabeth Morrow. Everyone thought that Elisabeth Morrow would have been a suitable bride for Charles Lindbergh considering how well they got along with each other. Elisabeth was not allowed to be alone with Charles Jr. because of her irrational volatility and jealousy. After baby Charles was kidnapped Elisabeth settled down she moved to England to get married and then to Pasadena, CA where she died on Dec. 3, 1934. The Lindbergh nurse Betty Gow her boyfriend was picked up for routine questioning. An empty milk baby bottle was found in the back seat of his car. Upon further investigation it was determined that the nurse’s boyfriend Johnson was an illegal alien from Norway.
On September 15, 1934 an alert attendant received a bill in payment for five gallons of gas from a male that fits the description of a man that has…