The Lion King Essay

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While watching a performance, it is more than possible for me to burst into tears or be weak with laughter. Through the performance, whether it is movie, a play, or maybe a television show, I am fully aware that none of it is real; that is unless I’m watching a guilty pleasure reality show. This reality comes back to me multiple times while I’m watching, during commercials on television or intermission at a theater, but I still continue to watch as if it is drama at my school that I am hearing. I want to know what happens at the end. I want to know the resolution for some closure. I can’t turn away knowing Simba has run away, leaving his evil uncle in charge, without finding out how the kingdom goes back to happiness and prosperity. These emotions might strike me when I am watching, but it isn’t real so why cry, laugh, or get upset? Depending on how well the actors perform, I develop an attachment to each and every one of the characters. I like Mufasa in Lion King so much because he reminded me of my dad, and then he was killed and Simba came pouncing and I just lost it. I cry because I get attached and then that character is taken away from me in an instant. If a character I hated was blessed with good fortune, I would be angry because if that happened in real life, I would feel the same way. A theater experience is stepping out of reality for just a small amount of time while still being human with regular emotions. I connect what I am watching to the real world; I