The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Literary Analysis

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Literature Essay The children fantasy novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, is about four children who enter the land of Narnia in which they overcome many obstacles due to the betrayal of a problem child, Edmund. Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter were sent away from home in order to leave the dangers World War II was causing near home. Therefore, they were sent to a home in London where they were happy to know that they were safe. Although Lucy and Edmund are brother and sister, the differences between them cause everyone else to trust and believe Lucy more than Edmund. First, throughout The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it is obvious that Lucy has always been considered the good child and Edmund the complete opposite. There are …show more content…
Edmund had always felt greater than the others growing up, he would also tell the others things to make them feel bad. For instance, when Edmund had first met the Witch in the fourth chapter, the Witch had told him that next time he visits Narnia if he brings his siblings to her that he would be crowned the King of Narnia and would be given all the Turkish Delight he wanted. Therefore, in chapter eight when the children and the beavers were having dinner together, Peter, Susan, Lucy and the beavers realized that Edmund was gone. Since Edmund was told that he was going to be the King of Narnia and eat all the Turkish Delight he wants, he ended up snitching on his brother and sisters by telling the witch that they were are in Narnia. Not only does this situation show that he is foolish for snitching on his own family, but it is obvious that he doesn’t love them either because he would rather eat all the Turkish Delight he wants and be crowned the king. Because he was dumb for believing everything the witch had told him, everything back fired on him. Lucy on the other hand, has always cared about her family no matter what they put her through. For example, in chapter seventeen when the battle had ended between the bad vs. good, Edmund was on the floor dying and Lucy decided