The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Christian Themes Essay

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Christian Symbolism in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe C. S. Lewis was a brilliant author known for his fictional novels as well as his Christian apologetics works. Religion was a large part of his life, and he utilized such themes throughout his fiction books. The first book in The Chronicles of Narnia series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, exemplifies such overlap. Lewis inserted fundamental Christian themes into this novel, allowing his religion to influence his work. C. S. Lewis creates Christian entities within his book due to his own coming into religion. He was not originally a religious sort of boy. He grew up in a scholarly household with his older brother, Warren, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His parents …show more content…
It is similar to that of Jesus. People feared the son of God for his kind, yet stern disposition, but his goodness shown through and they continued to love him despite being confused about his contradictory nature. The inhabitants of Narnia did not need to perceive fully all aspects of Aslan’s personality and how they connect to one another in order to understand that he would be there when he was truly needed. Christianity runs deep when it comes to Jesus, and Aslan characterizes the same genuine love for his people and mysterious aura as Christ is described as having. The connection of Aslan to Jesus displays the significant religious themes Lewis inserted into his writings. Although, where there is goodness and kind ways, there is also evil and villainy. The White Witch represents the essence of pure evil in Lewis’ book; she is his version of the devil. One can decipher this symbolism due her looks. “Although the Witch looks human she is actually the descendent of a giant and a jinn. According to Mr. Beaver, creatures the look human and are not are wholly evil” (Rize 18). Lewis inserts this connection into his book to hint at the idea that the Witch is a terrible creature. Although he does not come right out and he it, due to the author’s Christian background, the statement made by Mr. Beaver about her eludes to the Witch being the devil. Another similarity between her and evil is that