The Littlest Refugee Character Analysis

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The constant stereotyping of Asian migrants needs to stop, by Chelsea Brooks. Isn’t about time Australian popular culture stops stereotypical representations of Asian migrants to show them as smart,’ all hardworking but not always fitting in with our sense of humour? We are known as a cheeky country. We judge Asians because they always studying to get smarter and we just sit on our backside making fun of them. They work really hard for what they have and are often very successful.
In the book The Littlest Refugee Anh Do’s parents moved from their country to Australia on a boat. Once they come over here they started work as soon as possible. Anh do’s parents were always working but he asked them
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Lee is smart but also really quiet and often gets made fun of. He kept to himself and wasn’t originally welcomed in the group. Lee shows he is hardworking because he is always working with his parents. On the camping trip he is represented as smart as he knew exactly when to hit the snake before he bit one of the other members that he was camping with. While the others in the group were relaxing, Lee was looking out for danger. This attitude helped him to eventually win over the respect of the others. This demonstrates that Australians often struggle to look past the stereotypes of being smart and hardworking and need to rethink and be more welcoming.
The book Unpolished Gem is about a family that moves to Australia. In Australia we take everything for granted. They were so thankful to be in Australia they said “wah look at this water from the tap!” “so clean and hot you could make coffee with it”.
This is why we need to stop judging Asians. They are hardworking and smart they are nice to us but we treat them unfairly. Australian popular culture needs to stop stereotypical representations of Asian migrants to show them as smart’ and all