The Logics Of Politics Essay

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Scott Jorgensen
English 112
Professor Hanson

Americans have all different political views, but when I think about how most Americans define the concept of logical when judging their government, I think of chaos. I think many Americans base their logic off how the government should be run that is best fit for them. Previous decisions made by government also make a large impact in how Americans define the concept of logical. If the government makes decisions that are highly questionable, there are two likely outcomes. One, Americans will support the decisions that these high officials make. Or two, as something goes not as planned or not promised (which seems to happen quite often) people will instantly judge our governments’ concept of logic and questions start to arise as to if our government is making the right decisions. Americans should define the concept of logical when judging their government based off what is right for America as a whole. Some decisions made by government are necessary and might be directed to a certain economy class. For instance, the government might pass a law or act that benefits the lower classes while those in middle and higher class are not affected. Decisions that are made that won’t necessarily be effective right away, but more towards the near future should be brought to attention as well. People don’t understand that when the government says they are going to improve something or pass a law that will be beneficial for Americans over a long-term stretch, that those decisions take time. Change and promises wont happen overnight. People are too quick to pull the trigger in their concept of whether government is being logical if changes aren’t made immediately or don’t go necessarily as planned. CNN released an article recently headlining “Defeat of ISIS called unlikely on Obama watch”. Obama made it clear that there will be no efforts in defeating ISIS right now as it might affect foreign policy, but yet a long term plan that will take time. “We can accomplish that. It’s going to take some time, It’s going to take some effort.” A quote from Obama about his strategy dealing with ISIS in Syria. The fact that Obama and administration don’t have any plan or strategy with this issue probably raises questions from Americans. A reasonable reader could reach the conclusion that the American government is acting illogically because of the fact that not only are American journalists are being be-headed but ISIS is a national threat and immediate actions should be taken. New York Times recently came out with an article that has to do with the police corruption in Ferguson, Missouri headlining “ Justice Dept. Inquiry to focus on practices of police in Ferguson”. A reasonable reader would conclude that the government is acting illogically in the fact that the article stated, “Officer Wilson, who was placed…