The Long Fuse Essay

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The long fuse In the book of Laurence Lafore entitled The Long Fuse it discusses the conflicts of the first world war and describes as Austria-Hungary was considered the "Second sick man of Europe". During a time when Europe seemed to move more quickly toward progressive ideas and toward the sweeping away of the old institutions, Turkey was the original sick man of Europe, for the most caused constitutional problems and national. The european order was based on the assumption of nations in 1871, a sort of mutual protection, and Austria was not a nation, was in line after Turkey to become the second sick man of Europe. The term "sick man", in reference to a nation, Laurence Lafore, would be in circumstances that could lead to a type of national bankruptcy. Austria-Hungry was on a path of destruction for many reasons, one of them is that their constitution was shared between the two countries, which had led to results slow and indecisive. All the powers were based on a foundation of nationality, but this is why the Austria-Hungry was the exception. This Habsburg monarchy, which was a dual monarchy, also consisted entirely of minorities. It was more difficult to inaugurate new policies or important in Austria-Affamato , or to act in time of crisis. In Hungary, the trend was toward an oppressive control of Magyars, in Austria, to strife, confusion, and requests for mounting between nationalities (p. 63). The system of dual Monarchy created more problems than they solve and could…