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A picturesque forest somewhere in Tazbeckistan, Central Asia, snow covers the ground and two camo covered men move through the woods toward and pack of wolves, the man carrying the hunting rifle (David Mitchel) scopes out the area. A rustle of leaves. Wolves howl in the distance. A shadow jumps into picture. BANG. The two men go over to inspect the body. It’s an ibex tazbekistan’s national animal, and how does David Mitchel respond, blames the French!

Ambassadors is new show to BBC 2 written by James wood and Rupert Walters and produced by David Mitchel and Robert Webb. It follows the work (or lack thereof) done by the British ambassador out in the fictional country of tazbekistan. Going off of David Mitchel’s other work (peep show) I was expecting an all-out comedy about the shenanigans of the British trying to screw over some small country for oil or some other source of money but it was a more serious show which I felt served it well, the story wasn’t gripping but it was certainly better than most comedy’s. The jokes where funny and over the top British embassy was enjoyable to observe as they tried to impress the tazbekistan leaders right-hand man with pork pie making lessons and traditional medieval music. As for the story this week’s endeavours followed a hunting trip which was supposed to secure the presidents support in the purchase of 30 or so helicopters from Britain, a fairly serious moment where the two lead characters argued over the moral implications of letting an employee of global human rights go on trial for a crime he hasn’t committed or securing a £2 billon arms deal with the tazbekians to help the UK trade, the option the ambassadors ‘overseer’ was trying to push should be fairly obvious. They then proceed to try and ‘sweeten’ the deal