The Loss Of Wealth In Carthage

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Initially, Carthage was a small colony of Tyre. However, Carthage rose to power and came to equal Rome in many aspects. Their commerce gave them wealth and an excuse to build an immense naval power. Their resources and naval strength threated Rome and rising tensions between these two Mediterranean powers gave way to the first Punic War.
After the fall of the Phoenician city of Tyre to Alexander the Greta, then the Tyrians who were able to escape the city move to Tyre. Those who were able to escape were only able to do so because of their great wealth. This is how Carthage came to be settled by wealthy Tyrians who carried their wealth in Carthage (Mark, 2011). Carthage slowly become a commercial capital for trading with Northern Africa. They drove the Africans out of the area and enslaved them, thus securing their power through conquest and labor (Mark, 2011).
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It was this commercial activity that made Carthage wealthy and powerful compared to its Mediterranean neighbors. As William C. Morey states, “She had grown wealthy and strong by buying and selling the products of the East and the West—the purple of Tyre, the frankincense of Arabia, the linen of Egypt, the gold of Spain, the silver of the Balearic Isles, the tin of Britain, and the iron of Elba. She had formed commercial treaties with the chief countries of the world” (Morey, 1901). Thus, Carthage grew as a supreme trading power in the area and it was all this trading that made their territory one of the wealthiest in the