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Northern Strategy for Victory

During the early stages of the civil war, a Union General named Winfield Scott

proposed a plan to President Lincoln called the “Anaconda Plan” or “Scott’s

Great Snake”. This plan was made up of several different pieces. The first part

was to surround the south with land and naval forces and squeeze them from

the outside. The second part was to blockade southern ports from getting

supplies and equipment from European aid (this would later be a major

problem for the Confederate Army). The third part of the plan was to take

control or destroy Richmond, the South’s Capital. Finally, the last part of the

plan was to take control of the Mississippi River (Battle of Vicksburg) to

divide the south in two. This part was crucial because it made getting to

Richmond all the more easier. Now the main question is did this plan work

out? Well its both yes and no. In the beginning of the war, the North was

getting beat pretty hard in battles that thy should’ve won or/and was just out

played. The only part of the Anaconda Plan that worked out during this time

period was the blockading of the Confederate ports. As the war progressed, the battles got bloodier and many lives were lost in every engagement; but

with the major victory for the North at Gettysburg, the Anaconda plan was

starting to be put back into effect. Near the end of the war, the North was

kicking the South’s butt at almost every battle, all thanks to General Scott’s

plan and also to great military leadership and strategy…