The Lottery Essay

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A piece of literature can be viewed in various different angles. A reader can tear apart and criticize something to the point of no return. In today’s society, the feministic “way of seeing things” has become very popular. If you aren’t really sure what that means, feminism is the idea that a female’s rights are completely equal to those who are male. They see themselves to have a rather “unsuitable” place in society and in order to fix such allegations, choose to make notice to the issue in writing. “The Lottery”, written by Shirley Jackson, is one example.
This particular short story takes place in a time where women were viewed as second class citizens, below their husbands and even their sons. The men in the story where the stars of the show. All of the lottery officials are male. They are ones to gather first, then come the women. Men speak of knowledgeable things such as tractors and taxes when women are of no good but to sass and gossip amongst themselves. They are also seen to be bad authority figures and not to be respected. In the beginning of the story, the townspeople are setting up for some sort of lottery, which the town has become accustomed to for many years. Many of the citizens have no recollection of why this mysterious lottery was even performed in the first place. When the time do draw for the lottery comes, the men go first to determine who draws the piece of paper containing a single black dot. Once is drawn, the family of the man with the