The Lottery Letter

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The Lottery
Letter One (Cassandra): Tuesday 15th The move from Pescadero took some time but we were able to arrive in Dema safely. Although life in Pescadero was extraordinary, life in Dema will surely be quite similar. Dema is as small as Pescadero with a population of about 753. Dema currently has 3 grocery stores, 2 restaurants, and 2 gas stations, so yes; my family has a couple more available resources. I’m sure you would love the houses here Briana, they all appear to be owned by well off people. My neighbor, Lynette, for example has a two-story beige colored house with the front ward full of roses, azaleas, lilies, orchids, and tulips all organized in the way you had always dreamed of. Lynette was awaiting our arrival, she was welcoming and not only brought over homemade pumpkin pie, but she let us know of a monthly lottery drawing in which every family in the community participates, the next lottery was coming up this weekend. Lynette mentioned that this lottery drawing had the largest cash amount anyone in Dema could remember. Mr. Anderson or “Old Man Julian” as the community seems to know him, has lived in Dema for 97 years now and not even he can remember any lottery drawing of a greater amount, of course I just think it’s the age that is affecting his memory. My dad and brother are definitely excited and hope to have some sort of beginners luck for being new in the community; I would definitely enjoy a shopping spree. Lynette is a mother of two, Lorenzo (5) and Crystal (18). Crystal looks a lot like Angie, and it seems to me that we will get along quite well. I also got offered to be Lorenzo’s baby sitter, let’s just hope they pay well! Lorenzo looks very innocent and his mother says he is smart so it should go by smoothly. I may not need the job once I enjoy our “beginners luck”. I hope you and Angie are doing well; I can’t wait for you two to come over and visit Dema.
Letter Two (Briana): Thursday 17th Dema sounds just like Pescadero, I’m glad you had the time to write to us. I talked to my parents and both Angie and I will soon be in Dema, hopefully after you win the lottery! The town lottery seems interesting, and I am definitely as excited or more excited than you are, I would also enjoy going on a shopping spree with you, and yes I did just invite myself. I don’t understand much about the lottery though, how does every family participate? How many months has the lottery not been won for it to be the greatest amount? What is this great amount, $150,000? We would be alright with just $25,000. ☺ I want to see your neighbor Crystal’s house; maybe Angie and I will get along with her as well. Tell us more about both Crystal and her brother Lorenzo. PS - Angie wanted you to know she is exceptionally unique so it is impossible for Crystal to look anything like her. Hope you get to meet more friends.
Letter Three (Cassandra): Saturday 19th The lottery was today; you will never imagine what happened! For now I will leave you with the doubt puzzling in your head and instead answer the questions you had about the lottery. The lottery had not been won for five months; this was making the cash amount be gathered for a total of six months (including this month). Every family in Dema participates and has to pay $100 per family. The amount for the lottery was $129,000. Every member of the family must pull out a chip from the town’s black chest and if any member of a family obtains an odd numbered chip, that family losses. Because of the large quantity of odd numbered chips, the town members have concluded that there may not be more than one family to win. Only one family was allowed to pull their chips out of the chest at a time, the families were called up in the order in which they were sitting. We were in front of Crystal’s family, following Crystal’s family were two of her aunts each with their own family. Once we were called on the stage I was the first to obtain my EVEN numbered chip, next my