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The last mentionable level of love is that bond between a mother and her children. There is no stronger, nor will there ever be. This bond starts from the very first tiny fluttering of movement and never ends, even after death of the child. A mother protects her children in the name of love, and directs them through life using it as the example to follow. Well, at least it should be. It's because of her children a mother will work at a job she hates, just to make sure they have everything they could ever want or need.The phrase, love makes the world go round is very true. It's is our driving force, for what ever reason it may be. Poems, plays, and legends can only briefly touch the true meaning of love. We can only feel what that meaning is, and express it in ways only we can understand towards another. The true question we should be asking is not, what is life, but what is love.What is love? I don't know, but I'll do what I can to express it to my son, my husband, my family and friends, and to every single pet I have or ever will own in the best possible way that I can.
Jealousy, which buds from the tree of love, motivates people to commit irrational actions. Most causes of dramas, whether at work or at school, revolve around jealousy. This will work to dissipate the concentration of one and provide more room for mistakes and distraction. When one feels jealous, it is because they care. Love provokes sentimental feelings and causes ones to care. In our busy lives, there is no room for drama. Yet one might argue that love is what makes us human. Love is what brings together family, friends and happy memories. Nonetheless, who can judge that their love towards one is real? Maybe they are just taking advantage. Nobody knows. The trust between two people can be broken at a snap of a finger. An overheard conversation, a misread text message or simply the element of doubt can shatter the component of trust between two people. There is nobody you can trust but yourself. Why love others? Maybe love can bring us together, but it is unstable and dangerous.Love is like a rose. The beauty of the flower is indescribable with words, but the stems are filled with vile thorns. Like a rose, it looks attractive and stunning, but as you look closer and