The machine that repairs itself Essay

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Revision: Week 5. The machine that repairs itself. Tissue maintenance, damage, and repair in healthcare.

• Nervous tissue can be best described as tissue that allows for communication through chemical and electrical signals.

• Epithelial is the type of tissue that covers the body and most of the organs.

• The muscle is the type of tissue that contracts and relaxes

• The Epithelium is the type of tissue that can be found in the salivary gland

• The cartilage is connective tissue that gives shape to structures such as the ear and nose

• Cell membrane is made up of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates and is selectively permeable.

• The epidermis lacks blood vessels and must be nourished by materials diffusing from blood vessels in the dermis.

• The prominent tissues composing the layer immediately below the dermis is the loose connective and adipose tissue

• The Dermis is composed of fibrous connective tissue whose strength and toughness results from abundant collagen fibres.

• Osteoclasts are the bone eating resorbing cells

• Hyaline is the cartilage that covers bone surfaces in joints and attaches ribs to the breastbone.

• If body temperature increases above 37? Sweating occurs and the blood vessels dilate

• Ligaments and tendants are composed of fibrous connective tissue, which contains densely packed collagenous fibres

• Adipose is the connective tissue that is responsible for the storage of fat

• Fibrocartlidge is the specialised connective tissue that is located in the interverbral disks to resists compression and absorb shock.

• The epithelia is the tissue that covers the body surface and line body caveties

• Simple squamous epithelium occurs where diffusion, osmosis and filteration are important functions within body organs.

• Keratin is a protein that is secreted by cells of the epidermis to waterproof the skin and protects against abrasion.

• The membranes that line the movable??? Are the synovial…