Essay about The Magnificent African Cake

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In the video, "The Magnificent African Cake" by Basil Davidson, Africa was divided up into new colonies by Europeans. After the end of slavery in Africa, Europeans wanted to expand their empires for industrialization and commerce. This period of time was called the "scramble for Africa" because many European countries were claiming as much land from Africa. In 1884, the Berlin Congress was held and these European countries "sliced" up the African countries like a cake where each country got its portion of land. The opinions and representation of Africans was non existent. In fact, Europeans considered Africans as "helpless children or lazy settlers." This led to the feeling that Africans were inferior to Europeans and killings of Africans …show more content…
The British called this public policy "pacification" but was more known as "hammering." Likewise, in British controlled Kenya, "Half of the able-bodied men of Kenya became laborers [for the British immigrants]." This was due to new taxes which the British imposed and the Kenyans were not able to pay the taxes unless they worked for the British. Still, collecting the taxes from the tribes turned out to be difficult for the British. The British combated this by taking the small boys of the tribes and sent them to schools to become the tax collectors of their own tribes. On the other hand, the occupation of Nigeria was different from all other British occupation. The reason why England colonized Nigeria was so the French couldn't, which resulted in the British rule being indirect. The government was never changed and the only thing that happened to the Nigerians was that some additional taxes were added.

Eventually, "political dissent" started to grow toward European colonization. For example, in the gold coast "workers refused to produce cocoa, demanding higher wages." People had protests and started to print articles in the media. The main turning point occurred when Ethiopia was taken over by