The Main Issue With John Becker S Approach To The Regency Grand Hotel Was That He Dove Right Into The Same Plan That He Had Used When He Took Over Other Hotels Essay

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The main issue with John Becker’s approach to the Regency Grand Hotel was that he dove right into the same plan that he had used when he took over other hotels. However, the other hotels that Becker had used his plan with were of poor profitability and low moral whereas the Grand Regency had been a very profitable hotel since it had opened. Becker did not take a chance to evaluate the operation that the hotel was currently running on and see how it was giving them success.
Becker wanted to introduce empowerment into an establishment where creativity and innovation were discouraged. This was difficult because now employees are being forced to make decisions that they’ve never had to make before. This change was one that needed to be supported in order to work, but the supervisors never provided any positive feedback to those who had made a good decision in satisfying the guests’ needs. One can’t simply throw a huge responisibility at an employee who has no experience and expect them to thrive and do better for the company. Becker should have spend time to support the decisions of those taking initiative for the first time and supported their decisions. By encouraging employees to make decisions and then rewarding them when the decision is right, the employees will feel more confident in their decisions and be willing to try again. Knowing what they decided was right they will have a better understading of what is expected and will have the experience to help them in future decision-making.
Employees were only supposed to ask supervisors for help with major issues and the minor issues, they were meant to solve themselves. Yet before, employees never had to classify major and minor issues because they took all issues to a superior to be solved. The employees did not know the difference between
Becker should have continuously checked in on employees and guests throughout the entire modification process to ensure that all the employees understood their responisibilities and were doing their job correctly. He should have checked in with guests to see how they felt about the work done by the employees and how they could improve.
Most of the employees of the Regency Grand Hotel were new to the ide of making