The Majestic Island Essay

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The Majestic Island The airplane rattled and shook as we uniformly marched to the exit and reached the lobby that was congested with children that were screaming their lungs out and frustrated passengers with delayed flights. We raced to pick up our luggage and we were going so fast that our feet were barely touching the ground. We snatched our massive suitcases off of the rotating baggage carousel and headed towards the immense, silver, electric doors that read “Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport.” As soon as we stepped out of the airport the smell of salt and fish flooded my nose and the humidity stuck to my skin like honey. My cousin then scrambled through her overflowing, tiny, black purse to get a grasp on her modern cell phone. She dialed eleven numbers on her bright, diminutive screen and instantly a shuttle pulled up right in front of our eyes. The door opened with a loud, screeching noise, and we hopped on to the huge, green shuttle. The engine rattled and screeched as the shuttle drove off to an unknown territory. After ten minutes the tires of the shuttle skidded to a stop and the door shot open. We got off the shuttle in a straight line like soldiers marching towards duty. A tall building stood before our eyes. The sign on the old, gray building read “Enterprise.” Rows and more rows of cars extended before our eyes. There were all shapes and colors of cars, trucks, and SUVs. The conclusion finally smashed into my head, it was a car rental place. We rushed into the office and submitted our pile of paperwork to the secretary hiding behind a long, metal desk whose face was held occult by the humongous pair of glasses she wore. After our paperwork went through, we had to sit on a few wobbly chairs while our car was being prepared for us. We finally saw our tiny, maroon car pull up to the front of the building and we all jumped up from our chairs in excitement. We were ready and anxious to explore the beautiful island before us. We crammed into the seats of the petite car and we drove off looking like clowns in a clown car. Our first stop was at a sandwich shop. We pulled up in front of the building that looked just like the people in its interior, old and wrinkly. My cousin claimed that this small place sold some of the best sandwiches in Puerto Rico. We climbed out of the car and went up the steps leading to the entrance of the shop and the door screeched in pain as we went in. The shop was packed with people, which made it difficult to find a seat. The smell of freshly baked bread lingered in the air and reminded my stomach how hungry I really was. Shortly, a table cleared out and we raced to it before anybody could beat us. We landed in our seats with a loud “plop!” A waiter then crept up besides us and her words came out in a high pitched voice, “may I take your order?” After ordering she brought us our drinks which seemed to be sweating due to the hot, humid weather that surrounded us. Minutes later the waiter brought us our food and it looked like huge, fluffy clouds full of deliciousness. The first bite seemed like heaven, my cousin had been right. These sandwiches were the best. After having one of the best meals in our lives, we proceeded to exploring the majestic island. As soon as we stepped out of the sandwich shop my cousins’ hair puffed up like an afro as humidity wrapped itself around each individual strand. Her hands flew to her head as she tried to keep all her hairs down. We all laughed loudly until our stomachs hurt. We rushed into the car and headed out to El San Juan Resort & Casino. When we arrived at the luxurious resort, our eyes popped out of our head. We were astonished by so much beauty. Beautiful fountains and chandeliers adorned the luxurious lobby. There was a large sign…