Essay about The Major Causes of Dyslexia in Children

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The Major Causes of Dyslexia in Children! Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects children in various ways: lost of hearing, the ability to speak, and the difficult of reading and writing. This is the most common learning disorder in children and persists throughout life. There are a number of different theories about the causes of dyslexia, which everyone agrees that it is a genetic condition that changes how the brain deals with information. (Kraft 2010). Dyslexia is passed on through families; therefore how it affects your reading and writing is known as the phonological process impairment theory. (Kraft 2010). People with dyslexia find this process very difficult than others, because of some areas in the brain functions in a different ways that others without this condition. Symptoms of dyslexia may include expressive language problems or disabilities when reading aloud for example people with dyslexia may reverse words or parts of words. A dyslexic child may read the word as if it were ‘bad’ as if it were ‘dad’. Word order and sounds may also be confused by dyslexics and words are often omitted or slurred over. Speaking, listing, pronouncing words, following directions/ instructions are various symptoms of dyslexia.
\ Nearly all children have developmental dyslexia, meaning that it develops within the first years of life or during birth. However, children too develop dyslexia as a result of a stroke, car accident, or other types of…