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The majority of the people that live in this world live in a normal sized house near the city with streets and sidewalks. Where you can hear cars passing by, and see police cars with flashing red and blue lights and ambulaunces rushing down the streets. Also living close to stores and gasoline stations. Where I live it is different then anybody that probably people would not want to live at. To me it is some where I lived there almost my whole life and it is living in a dairy.

In the middle of no where down a two mile stretch of dirt road there is a dairy called Green Dairy. Coming toward the dairy there are empty fields with grass and a few houses. On one side you can see a big field surrounded with a fence with dirt and grass. Inside the field there are two horses, the first horse is not to tall but a normal sized horse that is fully brown and the other horse is also brown but with black hair. Coming into the dairy you will see a dead end with just a dirt road. Inside the dairy, their are Cows inside there cages with one or two cows, nearby there are baby calfs sleeping and playing with each other.

Next to the dairy there is a small neighborhood, in the neighborhood there is a light blue house next to a huge tree that covers the whole yard. On the other side of the dirt road, the rest of of the houses are trailer homes that are next to each other between a tree and a small yard. And by the end of the afternoon when the sun is almost down you can see parents watching over their children playing with other children, riding there bikes and playing with their toys. And dogs with different kind of shapes and sizes running around in the grass playing with children and resting on top of the stairs homes. From afar you can smell is carne asada and hear loud music with friends and family gathering around talking all day.

When it gets midnight, Looking up at the sky I gaze upon the moon as it struggles to shine through the thick clouds that cover its glow. Out here…