Essay about The Making of a Self-Publisher

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The Making of a Self-Publisher
Have you ever wandered into a Books-A-Million or Barnes and Nobles bookstore and you were in awe of all of the books on the shelves. Did you ever wonder where all those books came from or even who had the time to write them? Have you ever thought about writing a book but didn’t know quite how to get started or where to get guidance? Well you would be amazed just how easy it really is to become a self-published author.
Many authors are discovering that becoming a self-publisher is the way to go. The publishing industry is very competitive and yes it takes a lot of time but how refreshing, rewarding and cost efficient you will find it to be. Self-publishing is very accessible in pursuing the business or authorship. It gives the writer more control and flexibility to promote your writing that is acceptable and effective. In layman’s terms, you determine your schedule and set your deadlines according to your needs.
Have anyone heard of the book or has seen the movie, “The Help?” Great, it was Kathryn Stockett debut novel back in 2009, and in 2011 the movie based on her book was in the theaters. It took Kathryn five years to complete the book and she worked in the magazine publishing and marketing industry for 16 years. However, she still was rejected by 60 literary agents before Susan Ramer agreed to represent her. This book has since been published in 42 languages. As of August 2012, it has sold ten million copies and spent more than 100 weeks on the “The New York Times Best Sellers” list. She is currently with Penguin Publishers, whom recently moved into the self-publishing business.
Writers who self-publish have a great advantage over those who commit to a signed contract. Self-publishers retain the in intellectual property rights for their work, the finished copies, the copyright all subsidiary rights, and all money received from book sales. For most self-publishers, profit is not always the primary objective of publishing a book. However, traditional…