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After the 18th amendment was passed it sent Americans into a small frenzy trying to figure out how they will be able to obtain alcohol. This great demand for and simultaneous illegalization of alcohol opened up a new illegal market for the criminal organizations to develop and monopolize. Soon after prohibition many gangsters started to make bootleg alcohol and run it all around different parts of the major cities to speak-easy bars which were run by the various criminal organizations. A key player to this new criminal enterprise was Al Capone. He was the first to bootleg and have speak-easy’s which helped him to grow a huge underground empire. During this time crime rate where on a rise due to the fact of people trying to rip off speak-easy’s and boot-leggers and the various speak-easy’s, prohibition can be refer to as a part of ethnic succession since all of the revenue the organizations are creating allows them to expand and grow larger.


In U.S. politics, a political organization .that controls enough votes to maintain political and administrative control of its community. The rapid growth of cities in the 19th century created huge problems for city governments, which were often poorly organized and unable to provide services. Enterprising politicians were able to win support by offering favors, including patronage jobs and housing, in exchange for votes. Though machines often helped to restructure city governments to the benefit of their constituents,