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Mr. Tubbs
Story of Her (song)

I) There is a story of a girl
Who cried a river
And drowned the whole world
By the way she stands so tall
I can’t say I wouldn’t admire (intro) I) Bring the fire since October 24
1996 bring you already know we
Out here bring the sticks
So she knows she’s 5’3
Bringing everything lean
Because she’s mean and joining the marines
I can’t say that there would ever be a place to stay (verse 1) II) A place to stay is hard to say
But if there is hope to wake up
The next morning please
Nohemy stay with the
Homies, we got the money,
To attract the honeys; we got
The friends that’s with us
To the end, and family
To see us become big
It comes to see (verse 2) III) But this girl rose up to be a deadly flower
And a safe friend because she got you till
The end, can’t say she let me smoke and she wont
Let me drink she’s a good friend wild and still living free (chorus)

IV) Life wasn’t always what it came to be
She saw a shocking reality to see what
Is not meant to be. With the parents arguing
I feel that there is going to be a heart break ahead
But she still stands so tall and cannot fall
And in my eyes she’s just so much in this song of mine (verse 3)

V) Between you and me we have everything eye to eye
We both favor the color purple, the flowers is what
We like. Born and raised in the south side we stand tall
And show that double S pride. But the nature between