The Market Revolution: The Antebellum Era

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The Market Revolution
The antebellum era was a period not only of profound political change but also of significant technological, economic and social innovation. The Industrial Revolution that began in Europe in the 1700s had produced new inventions and different methods of production. For instance, the American inventors transformed the U.S. economy with innovations of their own. The overall rapid development of manufacturing and improved farming had such a profound effect on the American society that most historians always refer to it as the Market Revolution.
The period 1820-1860 is considered as the most chaotic period in the American history because it had significant changes that took place. During this era, several economic, technological innovations and social conditions brought about several simultaneous transformations that were later named the Market Revolution. The nation was transformed from an underdeveloped nation of
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The presidential elections of 1860 brought the two conflicting regions to a head dramatic consequence. For instance, the Democratic Party split into three that were aligned along regional lines with each vying for the control of the party. The division of the party brought in several ideas about how to deal with the slavery issue that had escalated within the country. The three camps further lined up against Abraham Lincoln, who was the nominee of the Republican Party. By that time, Abraham Lincoln has advocated that the West be free of slavery. Because the Democrats who were the main opponents to Lincoln were so deeply divided on the issue of slavery, Abraham Lincoln won with less than forty percent of the popular vote which represented fifty-nine percent of the Electoral College and without taking a single slave state. Although his election was perceived to be fair, it nevertheless pushed the Deep South towards