The Marketing Communications Mix Essay

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The Marketing Communications Mix

A Consumer Service

I have chosen to investigate Vodafone and their marketing campaign of the new 3G service. With 3G you can send and receive larger pieces of information. Not just voice, text messages and pictures, but video and music too.
3G allows you to:

• Make video calls
• Send video messages
• Play the latest games
• Listen to full music tracks
• Watch TV on your phone To market this new service Vodafone are using various methods of communication. Firstly they have created a variety of television adverts which will be shown during commercial breaks of most top television channels. They will be put in commercial breaks of popular TV shows to maximise the audience, however it is
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Advertising through sponsorship is often seen as a gamble. As by associating a product/service with a certain sport/team/event means the company are relying on this sport/team/event to provide a good public image for them, so should this sport/team/event get bad press for some reason it could reflect on the company. However this also works the other way in that if the sport/team/event is successful this will reflect on the public image of the company associated with it. Exhibitions are a good way to promote your product or service, it gives the company the opportunity to speak to the target to ensure the right message it being put across. In Documentums case they can target their audience further by attending IT industry exhibitions. Attending exhibitions is a high cost, high effort activity for Documentum considering they're generally low quality leads, targeted at IT managers and below. However there is a sense that they must be seen to be there, generally for exposure and to keep up with competitors. Vodafone on the other hand have a vastly larger target audience as who doesn't own a mobile phone these days? It also provides a chance to see what the competition are up to as keeping a step ahead of your competitors is always important. It is important when attending an exhibition to stand out as you want as many people as possible to approach the stand. Another good idea is to provide free refreshments although