The Marriage Essay

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The Marriage When I was a little girl, I’m 40 now; I never thought about getting married. I didn’t even like boys in “that way”. I have always been a “Tomboy”. I have always wanted to do what the boys did. I enjoyed getting dirty. I wanted to lift weights, play basketball, and I enjoyed so much playing football. I use to play all the time with my brother. I didn’t understand tho, as I got older, my brother didn’t want me playing with him anymore. I never did understand; until playing with them, the team, one day. Down! Set! Hut! were the words that ring out . I was tackled. It was at that very moment I understood my brother’s concern. I could feel the other teammates, who were all boys, groping me as I laid there under them all. “You are down”, “You are down” is all I heard as I tried to regain my footing to get up. I then at that moment knew something had to be done. I didn’t know what, I didn’t know when, I didn’t know how, I just knew I had to find a new way to play the game of football. I had so soon left the idea of playing football. I didn’t think of it much. I was getting a little older and maturing. I was starting to have new interest. I still wanted to play football but as I got older I started seeing things differently, even boys were looking different. I was a teenager. I felt different. Playing football was an idea that soon was gone. I had found a new interest. One Sunday morning at church, I saw the most handsome man. I was still thirteen at the time, and he was a man of age, a twenty-one year old man. I found that out from his sister whom I was friends with at the time. It was for me, love at first sight. I knew he was going to be my husband. I had a deep interest for this man, which soon would turn into a desire. My desire soon become strong I needed to get to know as much about him as possible. I was still thirteen of course so there was not much I could do since I only saw him on Sundays. I am not sure how this would turn out but I wanted to try. I could not let him know all my questions and becoming his friend was a desire to get to know him. I had to hide that part about myself. I realized then I had a crush, never before had I felt like this. I was a tomboy; I thought to myself, how I can feel like this. Sundays was the best day of my week. I was going to church for two reason, to hear The Lord’s word and to see Him. As time went by I got older, I was seen diffidently to Him. He began to talk to me little bit more. Things being to change, we were sending our Sundays together.…