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Wal-Mart has some serious brand awareness all across the world, and is known for having affordable prices. With the current state of our economy and many others around the world, people are looking for deals. Also, many people are so busy just trying to get by, and handling the trails of daily life that they don’t have time to think about things that aren’t directly affecting them. So, I don’t think that people are going to stop shopping Wal-Mart just because of these accusations; however, when the economy turns around I think that Wal-Mart may be in some trouble. This is why Wal-Mart should start to fight back by making some subtle changes. Generally when the economy is strong the level of unemployment is relatively low. Therefore, firms have to compete more heavily for the best employees. Right now wages in most big-chain retail stores are low, hovering around minimum wage. Wal-Mart fits right into this category, and catches a lot of flak about the way its employees are treated. People know the reputation that Wal-Mart has pertaining to their employees, yet there are a great deal of people walking into to Wal-Marts every day seeking employment. Right now they feel like they have no choice, and are lucky to have a job at all; however, when the economy turns around this may not be the case. Wal-Mart may lose many employees to other firms that treat their employees more ethically, so they should start to make some modifications. The changes don’t have to be revolutionary, but just enough to make people think that they care. The skill set required to work as a cashier are dime-a-dozen. Almost anyone could do that job, so I don’t think that they have to go above and beyond to take care of their employees; although they need to at least make Wal-Mart an attractive place to work. Wal-Mart has also received much criticism from