The Martin Luther King Assassination Essay

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Keunta Wilson
Norms and values
Norms are the social and cultural guidelines by which we live our lives and both knowingly and unknowingly conform and comply too during our life time. Out norms are key attributes that define our behaviors and can determine the groups and individuals social acceptance or non-acceptance. We learn how to behave through a complex combination of stimulus visual, Oral and Sensory. As we grow in our mental maturity and awareness the influence of family environment and culture combine to define our norms. These key developmental elements combined, influence and determine personal and social interactive abilities developing social skills to recognize social boundaries, acceptable behaviors and responses. Therefore our Norms are intrinsic to our development our personal behavior and social acceptance. Key aspects of our Norms are Convention being a standard non-culturally specific element within the Norms of convention.
An example being that an individual is expected to follow the rules which are an established expectation of behaviors within the context of conventional social acts and responses.
Culturally specific Injunctive norm is when a cultural belief such as polygamy is accepted as a Norm. This is defined as culturally specific as this practice is not legally practiced or recognized within the Western Society. An exception could be the Mormons, who have Sects that practice polygamy based mainly in America. The main Mormon Church, The Latter Day Saints no longer advocates such practice although there are certain Mormon Fundamentalists Sects whose religious fundamental belief systems adhere to the original writings of Brigham Young.
Within many Muslim cultures, a husband can legally take more than one wife. This practice is not recognized legally with Western cultures.