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The Materialistic Breed

Money or material things can affect people in different ways. Usually those with very little money tend to budget or monitor their spending, while those who have money tend to overspend. Money affects the way people live, the choices they make, both social and financial decisions. Money can either make a person feel secure, insecure, successful or unsuccessful. It changes the way people view themselves and others. It is a proven fact that “money makes the world go round”, therefore many are not aware of the role it plays with people psychologically. Whether rich or poor money can change the actions of anyone. It has both negative and positive effects on one’s behavior it can simply alter ones ego. When a person allows money to become an obsession, they’re usually referred to as materialistic or money hungry. A lot of characteristics relating to these would be one who is selfish or self-centered, narcissistic, or egotistical. With that being said, people of that kind tend to be acquisitive; they are only satisfied temporarily and always seeking more. Oftentimes they alter their personal values and can only be satisfied with material possessions or spending. They lose the correct sight on life and attain a feeling that the more things or money they acquire is their only means of happiness. The obsession can lead to excessive spending, and excessive spending can lead to unwanted debt. The Documentary The Queen of Versailles introduces the Siegels, a billionaire family and how they went from building the largest and most expensive home in the United States to the home possibly being sold to save one of their most valuable assets, The PH Towers West Gate. It showed how Jackie David’s wife, would constantly buy things unnecessarily. She was so caught up in what she could buy; she would purchase many of the same items. She spent heavily even having the knowledge that they were practically bankrupt. Before her financial hardship, she had her children believing that they would never have to work a day in their life. Money was not a concern in their lives, or so they thought, until David realized that he was depending on what he referred to as “cheap money.” They were then forced to take their children out of private school, lay off employees, and even auction off some of their possessions. To them this was a tragedy, but it was simply a matter of greed. Attempting to build a home with thirty bathrooms, a ballroom with orchestra pit, a bowling alley, 10 kitchens a sushi bar, a full-size baseball field, and ice skating roller rink is too much it highly depicts the nature of how severe their addictions to material things were. Money changes what truly is important in this film the Siegels took their kids out of private school and kept expensive items that could have been sold. Money has a lot to do with how content people are with themselves and it influences people’s decisions both positive and negative. A lack of money causes many to be unhappy. It often leads to depression problems and cause one to become…