The Mathematics Department: Final Assessment Guidelines

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Mathematics Department
Final Assessment Guidelines

Congratulations on a great year in mathematics! Over the next several weeks, we will revisit your experiences from throughout this school year, and will collect a body of evidence to demonstrate your learning in mathematics.

Your final grade for the school year will be determined from three different sources: the Portfolio Project, the Final Exam, and the Mathematics Problem-Solving Assessment. Details about each source are given below.

1) Portfolio Project
a. The goal of the portfolio project is to tell the story of your learning in mathematics through evidence that you create/collect while reviewing.
b. The Portfolio is due on Tuesday, June 3 with your final exam.
c. More details on the portfolio project are given on a separate document.
d. You will have some opportunity to work on your portfolio during class, but you should plan to spend a significant amount of time outside of class as well.
2) Final Exam
a. The math final exam is on Tuesday, June 3 beginning at 10:00am.
b. If you know that you will need more than the allotted two hours, you may arrive at 9:00am to begin your exam.
c. The exam will include a variety of problems from each station, including short tasks and higher-level problems requiring justification.
3) Mathematics Problem-Solving Assessment
a. During the last of week of May, you will take a problem-solving assessment designed to assess your ability to make sense of, and solve