The Matrix Essay

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The idea of unequal power is shown strongly in the movie ‘The Matrix” by the “Wachowski Brothers” through the use of many techniques for example in the lobby scene when trinity runs up the wall the director chooses to use the technique Bullet Time, this makes the audience amazed and realize the unequal abilities the people from the real world posses in comparison to the people stuck in the matrix, this unequal power is also shown effectively when Morpheus say the quote “ Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place?”, this quote uses the technique rhetorical question to make the viewer think about it and look deeper into the question, in addition it makes the viewer realize that the matrix is not a normal place and there are many unequal abilities that make it one of a kind.

The viewer is constantly expecting something threatening to happen through out the movie and gives us a reality snap to see how good we actually have it in our lives because we don’t rely on artificial intelligence, this is a very unique but powerful quality as it makes us think about our world in comparison to the matrix and makes the viewer a lot more engaged in the movie, the use of foreshadowing also gives us the same effect and is used a lot in the movie and is made more powerful and effective by the music that goes along with it. This helps the viewer have some expectations and ideas of what will happen later in the film.

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