The Matrix Essay

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Brittany Caldwell
March 3, 2013
Eng 336
The Matrix: Biblical References

Throughout the film The Matrix I was able to see many references’ to the bible, the one most obvious being the movie mirroring the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the film the main character Neo represents the messiah figure; we see this through the film as Neo is referred to throughout the movie as the One, the chosen one, which also describes Christ. In The Matrix Neo is sent to liberate men from their fallen and enslaved state, this represents Jesus being born in order to save mankind from their sins. Towards the end of the movie Neo ends up dying for the freedom of mankind and shortly after comes back to life just as Jesus is resurrected after dying on the cross.
Although the storyline representing Jesus’ resurrection is the one of the most obvious connections to The Matrix and the Bible I also was able to connect a few less obvious things. For example I found the scene were Morpheus offers Neo either the blue pill or the red pill and he says that one will let Neo continue to see the matrix for what it is and the other will take him back to his normal life and he will have to continue living his life never knowing. For me I related this to the story of Adam and Eve. Eve was given the choice/tempted to eat the apple off the tree. If she ate it her eyes would to open to the world and if she didn’t she would continue to live in bliss. I also see this same connection in the scene