The Mayans Research Paper

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Mayan Culture

In the Yucatan peninsula around 2600 BCE to 1800 BCE the Mayan culture began. Some theorize that mayans developed from the Olmec culture, others believe that they came from the ancient culture of Atlantis. The mayans lived in what is now parts of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.
The mayans loved chocolate they even made a chocolate chili sauce. The Mayans traded in the markets tobacco, salt, obsidian blades, fish, herbs, Quetzal feathers, textiles, gourds, and beeswax candles all for the cacao beans. (taste the chili)
The Mayans were great astronomers they studied eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices. They constantly studied the path of the moon and the stars and most importantly planet Venus. The mayans plotted the path of Venus for a year and were off only by 4 seconds. Other Mayans were great craftsmen in wood, bone, shell, and jade.
But In the 10th century the mayans vanish. nothing was left just the temples people theorize the spanish killed them with disease and the mayans gave them smallpox and got
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Mayans had many rituals, like sacrifices, dances, and death rituals. during the sacrifice they would cut apart the bodies to release the blood, this was a way for the mayans to communicate to the gods. The dance ritual they would dance for the gods, usually after sacrifices to show respect to the human which was sacrificed. The death ritual wasn’t like the others for the people that died noble deaths they would clean the bones 7 years after they died. They would remove left over flesh and make sure the bones were clean before they put them back in their grave. They were usually buried in their house. where they lived their