The Maze Runner Essay

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Sara Abrams in her review of The Maze Runner tries to entice you to read the suspenseful novel. Her review covers early topics that give the reader a good idea of the plot but leaves enough room to feel the need for something more. In her brief, six paragraph review, she argues that the book is written for middle school boys and girls (Abrams, 159). She argues this by comparing it to The Lord of the Flies and Lost and talking about the basic language that is used. She also tries to capture the non-stop suspense in the book especially in the first paragraph where she talks about how confused he was when he first arrived in the glade. She references the jargons used in the book and how thomas is thrown off by the new vocabulary that seemingly …show more content…
She does a good job at keeping it concise and in total is only about 6 paragraphs. However, the examples she gave in the review weren’t as strong and relevant as they should have been for how short the review was. Getting invested into a book based off of a few paragraphs without much detail may be hard for some potential readers. Abrams review focused heavily on the beginning chapters and left out crucial details later on in the book that may help to reel in her intended audience. Since her argument was that it was a book for a younger generation, she should have gone into more detail about the grievers. She only mentioned the grievers in one sentence which would be something a middle schooler might find more interesting rather than Thomas’s loss of memory. The review lacks too much detail about the plot and a reader may find the book to be something different than what the review offers. Something that should be included in the review is how thomas is rebellious towards the maze and the situation he finds himself in. She should have talked about the problems that Thomas creates for the gladers when he gets there and starts messing with the traditions. Although she touches on the subject, it is a major aspect of the book and leads the plot. She should have also touched on how he tries to break free from the maze and the glad and how that causes a lot of problems for the other gladers. In