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M.S.61k Elissa Mclaughlin
Class: 853 12/18/11 Global History

Exit the Way You Entered
You are on your death bed, taking in your last breaths of air. Looking at each and every one of your family members trying to remember the good times you had with them. Your mind is now a melody of memories. However, you seem to have come across a few thoughts that brings water to your eyes. You are now a time machine, traveling back to when your life was a sea of troubles, a jungle of violence. Staring at the bright white ceiling that would soon be the heavens belonging to a master mind, you are wishing that you would have chosen a better path for yourself. Soon you will become known as John Doe to the rest of the world. Your life has been lived freely, but you have left behind many regrets, many mistakes which have left you to die hard.
The saying “To Die Hard” originally means strongly or fanatically determined or devoted. As for me, the saying is exactly the way it sounds, no matter if it’s dying hard physically or emotionally, the outcome is still immoral. Many believe that a free life with no rules is a worthy life. However, you could exist in this world for up to one hundred and ten years, during this time you might be seeing the world, working up to becoming a successful individual. I’m not even going to lie, that’s all good, but what happens when you meet that one person that fogs over your mirror image of yourself, your life’s vision. Next thing you know you have made many mistakes, some you are afraid to come face to face with. So you abandon that reckless side because you have realized that nothing good has emerged from it. Years later, you become a business consultant but wait you get fired, old memories start to come back like in that Katie Perry video “The One that got Away” and now your old and dying inside each second of the day.
For over five centuries the artistic Leonardo de Vinci has been dead. Speculation over Leonardo da Vinci's sexuality began when he was 24 years old after his arrest on charges of sodomy, a serious crime in 15th century Florence. No witnesses appeared to support allegations da Vinci had sexual relations with a seventeen-year-old male model, thus the charges were dropped. Although…