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The mechanics
When it comes to repairing a car and finding a mechanic that can be trusted and make a person feel comfortable about repairing their car is a job in itself and a stressful one at that.
The idea that they are entrusting their families safety with these mechanics is a hard thing to do because the unknown is never comforting. Car owners are looking for a trustworthy person who will talk to them, and let them know they are not getting ripped off, leaving them with a sense of relief.
There are two types of mechanics, the first one being a dealership mechanic. They are usually found in cities, and mostly franchise owned. They are mainly based out of big buildings with huge garages and are usually limited to the types of vehicles that their technicians can work on. Dealerships also have many rules for repairing vehicles, customers are not allowed to bring in their own parts, and repairs can’t be done unless an appointment has been made ahead of time- so no walk-ins. More importantly customers and technicians never get to talk to each other or get know each other at dealerships. Some of the more positive things about dealerships is they have the latest technology at their fingertips for the brand they carry. They also offer incentive programs for lifetime customers with extended warranties on their vehicles, which helps with saving money because repairs are not cheap.
The second type of mechanic is your hometown mechanic. This mechanic can be found in a small town setting, in…