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The Media Desensitizes People
Our media (television, newspapers, magazines, internet) has the power to widely reach people and influence many of them in some type of way. The media is also a means of communication and acts as a medium between people and actual events. With technology growing so rapidly and being so accessible to so many, it's no surprise that the youth is all over the internet. These youth can connect with people all over and find out events going on around the world. With this is mind, it is fair to say that the media has the ability to desensitize important issues. Within the past decade, technology has been growing at exponential rates, and many people have smart phones, especially teens nowadays. All over the internet, people post videos of fights (or violence), nude pictures, and drugs. Some teens just don't understand the magnitude of these things and post them without regarding the consequences whatsoever. Newspapers, television, and magazines aren't as bad as the internet with such sensitive topics, but they don't necessarily not desensitize people either. With so many media outlets, hundreds of articles, stories, and topics are pumped out each day. These posts can be seen within seconds of being posted, and that is very dangerous. Young teenagers and especially pre-teens only talk to their friends through social media and through their phones. Real friendship and loyalty isn't built the same way and isn't as strong as it was before. It doesn't mean much to them to see their friends in person and they just don't appreciate the presence of others as much as previous generations. And even if there are a group of people together, a lot of the time there will be points where they will be on their phones (which completely defeats the purpose). Young teenage girls are flattered and feel special when other people make them their "woman crush wednesday", which is stupid considering it's just a faddish and meaningless way to express that a girl is attractive. Women should be told that they're pretty/gorgeous/beautiful in person, not on the internet where a compliment can be interpreted differently and even be challenge by others who think otherwise. With the resurgence of Ebola earlier this year, and with a major outbreak very recently within the past few months, there was panic worldwide to contain it within the 3 western African countries who played host to the virus. Ebola was considered a worldwide epidemic, because if it were to spread to Europe, North America, or Asia, the results would have been catastrophic. On the internet however, ebola jokes could be seen left and right everywhere on social media too. Twitter pages were made specifically for ebola jokes and