The Media and Its Responsibilities Essay examples

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The constitution gives us the freedom of speech in our country. However, we must

keep in mind that exercising these liberties includes duties and responsibilities. The

media is an integral part of everyday life and has become a leading player and influence of

our society and it have an outcome on our nations’ future, viewpoint, and the globe’s view of

us. The media are responsible for mainstream America ideals and the familiarity of the

image based on the impact from the media. The media are fundamental of social influence

and political decisions.

The media have turned the average person on reality television into an international

star. Sensationalism is in newspapers, on televisions, in magazines, or
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They give us an intimate

sense of national issues and global concerns to bring us awareness. Many Americans feel that

we ought to reap the benefits of media, globally, due to new media platforms, global media can

cross cultural boundaries. Foreign relations as cultural barriers are jaded by the media

While media are in itself more helpful than harmful, are setting a trend in their media and

computers have changed the way the media messages is gathered, processed is produced

affecting the printing and broadcasting processes. Media currently continues to have an

enormous impact on the way people conduct their lives on a global scale desiring to become

more like western societies.

Mass media are striving to arrange operations around the globe; some nations want to protect

their own domestic media and culture. The massive expansion of TV culture expresses

Hollywood subculture. TV viewers in Nigeria, India, China or Russia now dream of the

American way of life, as seen on TV serials (which, being relatively inexpensive and glamorous,


fill the TV with most TV channels all over the world) and thinks in terms of the competitive

values permeate by them.