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The Menendez and Zeichner Brothers The killing of your parents is not unheard of! Here are two cases of two brothers, who murdered their parents. From the short story of the Zeichner twins "Oh Brother" and the real life story of the Menendez brothers, the unthinkable turns into reality.

Growing up, Aaron and Joshua Zeichner’s parents were extremely generous. Often, the parents were said to have babied their children. They were never really being able to let go.
Their father had rotator cuff surgery just so he could throw batting practice to his son. They got their sons TV's, Super Bowl box seats, and two Infinity J­30's. They also assisted them through all teenage struggles, including school related problems. Sam and Adele, the parents, made good income, and had no financial problems. This being said, they were often able to provide for their two children. Sam and Adele always gave in, making sacrifices for their sons.
They would give up things of their own, just to provide to their children. On the other hand, the
Menendez family was quite different. They were from Princeton, New Jersey. The
Menendez’s pushed their kids. They were always trying to push them to the limit. Their father
Jose, was the CEO of Hertz and later the CEO of RCA. He sent Lyle and Erik to Prineton Day
School, and later tried to get them into Princeton University. When Jose became the CEO of
Live Entertainment, he moved himself and his family out to Beverly Hills, where they continued an extremely wealthy lifestyle. The main motive behind the murder of the Mendez's was claimed to be an act of self­defense. According to the brothers, they felt threatened from a lifetime of abuse, both physically and sexually. The Zeichner's also claimed it was an act of self­defense. However, their reasoning was because their parents were "too nice" which made them "weird", and

caused Aaron and Joshua to feel threatened. Media was a large influence as the Menendez's watched The Billionare Boys Club, and the Zeichner's watched Baywatched. Both of these had suggestive violence. Since the Menendez…