The Merchant of Venice and Devout Jew Essay

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The Merchant of Venice by: William Shakespeare
Is being called a dog a threat? In Shakespeare’s, The Merchant of Venice, Jews and Christians don’t get along and push each other around. Shylock is a Jewish moneylender and is lending money to a Christian. Antonio, the Christian, promises Shylock if he does not pay him the three thousand ducats that he borrowed Antonio will owe him something else. Is a deal a deal? Shylock is ensured he will gain the money he lent. Shylock is a villain that wants the money or Antonio’s flesh.
Shylock is a morbid human being. Shylock wants his daughter dead at his feet because she ran away with a young Christian man named Lorenzo. Shylock is a devout Jew who is not at well terms with Christians. Does Shylock want his daughters return or his jewels and money that she took with her? Money is the big picture for Shylock whether it’s from his daughter or the men that borrowed three thousand ducats. Shylock has written a contract stating that if a man named Antonio fails to return him three thousand dollars he will have the opportunity to cut away one pound of flesh from the place of his choosing off of his body. Is someone’s life worth three thousand dollars? Shylock wants the money that he so lovingly gave to a man that upholds the religion that he despises. He was doing Antonio a favor out of the kindness of his heart and simply informs him that if he unsuccessfully gives him the money he will remove from his body exactly a pound of flesh. Money is all Shylock wants and will do whatever it takes to get that.
Shylock does not know the real meaning of a deal. If the big picture for Shylock is money then why would he not accept double the amount of money? He says “If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.”(3) This proves he wants that flesh no matter if he gets the money or not. At first it was a joking matter and now it is a serious deal that he wants. Shylock may be teased for his religion and sure gets his fair share of misfortune but he gets it and dishes it right back out .A devout Jew would never state that Christians are his teachers