Essay on The Merchant of Venice and Wealthy Heiress Portia

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GCSE English 9th of January 2013 ssay on The Merchant of Venice Plot Summary | | | | | ACT 1 Bassanio badly needs a favour from his close friend Antonio - money in order to woo the wealthy heiress Portia. Though Antonio's capital is tied up overseas, he gladly agrees to let Bassanio borrow the money in his name. Bassanio arranges a loan with the moneylender Shylock, who spots an opportunity to be revenged on his old foe Antonio - jokingly suggesting a contract stipulating that if the money is not repaid on time, Shylock can have a pound of Antonio's flesh. Confident that his cash flow will improve, Antonio consents. In Belmont, meanwhile, Portia reviews her father's will, which insists that she must marry the suitor who correctly chooses among three caskets of gold, silver and lead. Unfortunately, the candidates so far - excepting Bassanio - do not look promising. ACT 2 Lancelot informs his old father that he has decided to leave Shylock's service and the pair ask Bassanio if Lancelot can serve him instead. Shylock's daughter, Jessica, is also planning to desert her father, in order to elope with Lorenzo, a Christian. Back in Belmont, the Prince of Morocco agrees to take part in the contest for Portia's hand but loses when he opens the gold casket. The Prince of Aragon, who chooses the silver one, fares no better. ACT 3 Shylock is incensed by his daughter's flight and the fact that she has stolen money from him, but is cheered by news that one of Antonio's merchant ships has sunk, and he looks likely to go bankrupt. In Belmont, Portia tries to dissuade Bassanio from choosing a casket, in order to prolong his company. Undeterred, he chooses the leaden casket, and is rewarded with a message granting him Portia's hand. Inspired, Graziano announces that he and Nerissa (Portia's gentlewoman) also wish to marry. But the two couples' joy is soured by news that Antonio's business has indeed collapsed and Shylock is after his flesh. While Bassanio rushes back to Venice with the money, Portia has another plan: she and Nerissa will follow him undercover and see how they can help. ACT 4 Though Bassanio has arrived back in