The Metamorhphosis Essay

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The Metamorphosis
3. Gregor clearly does not have a satisfying relationship with his father. Before his transformation Gregor owed his family money and this is assumably their only source of income. Besides going out to work Gregor spent most of his time at home in his room. After the change his family has to start working again and they can hardly bare to even look at him. His sister is the only one who will give him the smallest amount of attention. After his father believes Gregor attacked his own mother his father becomes completely detached from his son and sees him as only a bug.
4. in the first part of The Metamorphosis the beginning of the separation between the Samsa family. After Gregor is transformed into a large insect his family becomes disgusted and scared of what he has become. This isolates Gregor from the rest of his family leaving him alone, and confused. This weakens Gregor but forces his family to band together in order to make money giving them a bond quite separate from Gregor. In part two, Gregor breaks loose and is hit in the back with an apple weakening him physically, and heartbroken that his family sees him as only a creature. In part three, Gregor is still injured from the apple and retreats to his room in utter depression. He eventually gives up and is found dead in his room. This is of course the weakest Gregor feels throughout the story and the possible cause of his death. After he dies his family is able to get up and leave without restrictions and live a happy, carefree life further bonding the three together.
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