The Mexican Revolution Short Story

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Strawberry season was over and Esposo decided he wanted to move to San Joaquin Valley to pick grapes. We had spent all summer picking strawberries for Ito, the Japanese sharecropper, the year before. We were not going to Fresno to harvest Mr. Sullivan's vineyards. Papa did not want us to live in his garage again. Instead we went to Orosi. Orosi is a small town just a few miles southeast from Fresno. A grape grower, named Mr. Patrini, had nice places for farm workers to live. Papa, the children, and I started to pack all our belongings. We soon left Santa Maria in September, the week school started. Papa drove while Roberto and I sat in the front seat. The boys, Trampita, Torito, and Ruben sat in the back seat while Rorra slept in my lap. …show more content…
" The Mexican Revolution," Papa responded. " I don't know the whole story," he said apologetically. " I didn't got o school, but what I do know I learned from listening to corridos and to Panchito's abuelita Estefania. She told Papa during that time that many of the rich ahcendados treated the campesinos like slaves." " Did abulito Hilario fight in the Revolution?" Panchito asked. " No, mi'jo. My father died six months after i was born. Just like all the poor people, your abuelita favored the Revolution. I heard that many hacendados buried their money and jewels in the ground to hide them from the revolutionaries. Many of those treasures have not been found. From where the treasure is burried, there are yellowish-red flames that shoot out from under neath the ground. Then with a twinkle in his eyes he added, " I dont know if thats true, but thats what they say." Papa reached out, took Panchitos right hand, and placed the penny in it saying, " You can have it. This way you'll never forget the year I was born. And if you keep on saving pennies, someday you'll have your own treasure." Panchito was so excited he almost forgot to thank Papa. He examined the penny closely. The year 1910 was