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Cyrus Oveissi
Thursday, October 18, 2012
The Amistad
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The movie Amistad depicts a sad but true picture of how slaves were treated during the Antebellum period. It displays the harsh conditions Africans were expected to live and survive in while being whipped, starved, and in some cases raped.

This film incorporated many historical and powerful events into it, while also creating an enjoyable watching experience for it’s viewers. As with many Steven Spielberg movies, it was very entertaining and believable. The movie was intriguing enough to keep my interest. I always wanted to see what was going to happen. Steven Spielberg’s specialty is to create a sense of suspense and he did just that in this movie.

Amistad showed how barbaric the conditions were for the slaves. The movie seemed to have a bias towards the slaves. The viewer could not help but feel sorry for the slaves under the conditions they had to endure. It makes one wonder how a human being could treat another with such hatred. As the viewer watches this film, they can’t help but commiserate for the slaves.

The movie shows a dedication to family and unity of the slaves. One of the characters, Cinqué, put himself in much pain by picking at a nail in a rock which was attached until his fingers bled in hope that he would get back to his family.[pic]From the unity standpoint, the slaves realized they out numbered the crew members and quickly joined forces to escape the torment and