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The m The headlines are filled with stories of war, murder, and hatred. Homes and schools often seem to be filled with antagonism and conflict rather than sanctuary. Occasionally, however, acts of thoughtfulness and mercy do occur. Philip Yancey describes these two sides of life in his book What’s So Amazing About Grace? He says that the world is filled by what he calls “ungrace.” This “ungrace” is exactly what Dolphus Raymond was talking about in To Kill a Mockingbird when he said, “Cry about the simple hell people give to one another without even thinking about it.” One need not look to the headlines for stories of terrorism or crime to see the truth in this quote. Most students in high school will agree that this quote accurately describes many relationships between teachers and students, among students, and even within families. All this violence and thoughtless disrespect for others is what Yancey describes as “ungrace.” A clear alternative to “ungrace” is the way of grace. While grace is a simple word that most people have heard, it is not a concept that is a part of this “insane society.” Furthermore, although grace is a small word, it is one of those concepts that is multifaceted. The following words of George Eliot provide a good beginning to an understanding of what Yancey means by grace: “What else do we live for if it is not to make life a little easier for others.” There are more faces to the concept of grace. It includes thankfulness as when…