The Mighty: True Romance Vs. Modern Romance

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Stereotypically, modern romances consist of two ideas: one being the damsel in distressed, or two lovers drawn together by a forbidden love. Contrary to this modern genre of romance the origins are quite different with a few notable similarities, such are two individuals being united. The Mighty is one such example of a traditional romance that lack the modern cliché of a male and female becoming romantic evolved. A traditional romance merely requires two or more individuals developing some form of a relationship, however relationships are not restricted to a romance they can be a strong friendship, or mutual alliance. These types of relationships are most notably spotted in later periods of literature, like the tales of King Arthur and the Knight of the Round Table. This type of romance is composed of a brotherhood between knights brought together by a common goal. Sir Lancelot and his squire, like many other knights, are a good example of this: two men brought together in a symbiotic relationship, one wishing to learn; the other to teach in exchange for assistance.

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The Mighty proves to us romances do not have to be cliches so revolved around lovers, but can be simple about the bond of friendship between two friends that do not lead to a physical relationship. Relationship can be blantly put as your generic relationship, yet they do not have to be bland movies as The MIghty shows romances can still be entertaining without a male and female protagonist drawn together each other. Therefore, explore other options and few how much modern media has changed many classic forms of writing in order to fit better in our society. Let The Mighty be a lesson about how creative writing can manipulate a multitude of themes in order to benefit itself, and teach us not everything has to be a cliche to fit a